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Having built a successful community on my own, I reached out to Pam and Jon when I ran into a problem I was not at all equipped to handle. Having them consult on handling the issue to resolve it in the best way possible helped me relax and create an overall terrific outcome I'm convinced that would *not* have happened without their input.

I reached out to them again when I decided to build a community portal; there was no way I was doing that on my own! Their expertise was invaluable to me in choosing the right tool for the portal, in showing me how to manage it, and in creating something for my community that has substantially improved the way we communicate and spend time together.

I'm convinced there's nothing technical that Jon can't make happen, no challenge that Pam won't handle with incredible professionalism and graciousness, and no hands-on community piece that Pam and Jon can't manage. I rely on them; Pam and Jon are now my partners for community success!
Stacy Brice, President and CVO, AssistU

CornerWays provides a level of service and expertise in their area that is amazing. The private on-line community they have created for our membership is comprehensive and cutting edge. Their skills in moderation, community interaction and development are top notch. They are proactive problem solvers and have really made a difference in the success of our endeavors. It is a privilege to have them on our team.
Pam Richarde, The Goldsmith Group

I don’t know which I would rate higher. The quality of their work or the personal attention and service. At CornerWays both have been consistently stellar. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a first rate, professional, and thoughtful team.
Marcia Wieder, America's Dream Coach®, Dream Coach, Inc.

I have been with CornerWays for a little over two years, and I am constantly amazed by the level of quick personal service and professionalism they have always provided me. I never feel like I'm dealing with a cold, unfeeling corporation, unlike some large software manufacturers I won't name! The reps at CornerWays and I know each other by name, and they have bent over backwards to help me. For my web hosting and e-mail needs, CornerWays is the only company I choose!
Gerald Fitzgerald, Fitzvizion

I have worked with CornerWays on several online chats on behalf of my client, Hillside Family of Agencies, a not-for-profit agency serving emotionally disturbed and mentally ill children. CornerWays is one of those rare companies that lives up to its promises and consistently exceeds expectations. They have made the chats remarkably easy for me, and I have tremendous confidence in their technical capabilities. But I am even more impressed by their commitment to customer service. No matter what the question, no matter what time of day or night, Pam and Jon are right there. I have also appreciated Pam's ability to handle the very challenging topics of the chats -- depression, domestic violence and substance abuse -- and to moderate them with tremendous sensitivity. CornerWays is the best.
Sarah Clapper, President, Clio Associates of Rochester, Inc.

We have found CornerWays to be a very valued resource that has enabled us to look at our Community Programme from a new angle and make changes and improvements where necessary. They have provided us with Community Management Training both in person and online, supplied support and advice where necessary and have been a source of assistance to us overall. Our experience with CornerWays has been excellent, they are always happy to help at whatever time of day or night you need them! The service we received excelled our expectations and we now wonder where we would be without them.
Mel Foster, Communities Manager, AOL UK

CornerWays has provided a personalized, hassle-free chat solution for weekly moderated events on I have worked in Community for three high profile companies and have never had such a pleasant chat experience. If you're looking for a no-hassle chat solution and desire to do business with people who know community, I suggest CornerWays as the only way to chat.
Jennifer Schein, Community Lead, The Weather Channel

To my great fortune I asked CornerWays to present, design and moderate an online chat event. Very quickly impressed by their obvious skills in many areas, I progressed to asking CornerWays to re-build my online shop facility, which further lead to them becoming my webmaster and currently to designing an entirely new website. Never have I met such warm sincere people who are extremely hard working dedicated professionals. They make everything a pleasure. The online chat event itself was one of the best experiences of my career. My online shop is the best service and design I've experienced. Always helpful, fast, highly capable and imaginative, but also they have made me laugh so much that every encounter is something to savor.
Medwyn Goodall, Medwyn Goodall Music

We have received fine technical support from CornerWays. Also received was excellent advise on strategy and other planning issues. We are very satisfied with their work and the cost was very fair. CornerWays was prompt, especially since we were in a technical bind that our own capable engineers could not figure out. Pam and Jon came to the rescue and one day later we were good-to-go.
Jonathan Handler, President, Total Technology, Inc.

We have been provided with a high level of expertise, our views have been listened to and we feel that we are partners in a process rather than having a service done to us. Advice is friendly and well-informed and when action needs to be taken swiftly, we are met with co-operation and flexibility, which gives us that feel good factor which is so important in business today.
Pete Hrekow, Director, Dreyfus Training and Development

Cornerways is outstanding as a service provider. It provides quality services, friendly consultation in a cost effective, time efficient manner.
Dr. Robert Gordon, Director, The Wilmington Institute

CornerWays developed my site for registration and recovery of stolen bicycles. Jon was there for me all the way through. Awesome job!!
Bill Drake, Founder,

Presenting Medical Insurance online is a difficult challenge. We needed help & Cornerways gave us the solution to our problems. They created an attractive, informative & user-friendly web site for us. Pam & Jon took the time to listen to our requests & concerns, they developed several different ideas & let us choose the one we preferred. They continue to answer all our questions & their service is outstanding.
Bruce R. Magoon, President, Magoon & Associates Insurance, Inc.


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