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We have found CornerWays to be a very valued resource that has enabled us to look at our Community Programme from a new angle and make changes and improvements where necessary…(more)
- Mel Foster, Communities Manager, AOL UK

CornerWays, LLC is an online community development and design firm based in Phoenix, Arizona and the United Kingdom that provides quality online community building, consulting and design services worldwide. We are dedicated to offering cost-effective, tailored solutions to meet any community and site needs, whatever the size of organization or company.

We build relationships with our clients, rather than simply providing "out-of-the-box" solutions and then walking away. Our dedication, eye for detail and comprehensive knowledge of the internet and community building ensures that your needs are met and your expectations exceeded.

The following are some of the clients who have benefited from our services:


AOL Bertelsmann Online (AOL UK) - Community management consulting and training - Community development consulting and training

Not Sold Separately - Content editing - community development consulting and community development training

Total Technology, Inc. - Community software technical support


ChatSpace - Technical writing and live event services - Community development and moderation


ASI Entertainment - Online focus group services

The Weather Channel - Live event services


Medialink - Live event services

RisingStar Telecommunications, Inc. - Live event services

Wynd Communications - Live event services


LCD Interactive, Inc. - Database programming

Tom Shear/Assemblage 23 - Community development services

Medwyn Goodall Music - Community development and live event services


Clio Associates - Live event and community development training

Corporate Strategies Group - Online survey production

UbiQ Group, LLC - Content production and editing


Drefus Training and Development, Ltd. - Community development services

Pearson Education Ltd. - Live event services

Scottsdale Education Association - Community development services


The AWARE Foundation - Live event services

Collins Center - Live event services

SERVICES and CONSULTING - Marketing content development

AssistU - Community development consulting and design

Dream Coach, Inc. - Community development consulting and design, moderation training, project and community management

International Bike Registry - Web site design and database programming

Knight Gallery - Web site design and database programming

Magoon and Associates, Inc. - Web site design and database programming

NESTLÉ Toll House- Moderation, moderation training and community manager

Successful Professionals - Community development consulting and design, moderation and community management


Mike Nash for Senate - Online focus group and content production

The Wilmington Institute - Web site and community development consulting and online survey and journal production


Need further advice? To send a question or comment online: contact form.
To fill out a needs assessment: online form.
To contact via phone:
Arizona Office - (480) 361-2635.
United Kingdom Office - (+44) (0) 704-400-4292
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